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Portugal (2 days)
Douro Valley – Guided bicycle tour
Portugal (5 days)
Mountain Range of the 3 Mountains
Portugal (7 days)
Gerês Nature
Portugal (3 days)
Serra da Estrela
Portugal (7 days)
Rock Art, Historical Villages and Serra da Estrela

Biking Tours

We offer cycling tours for small groups on itineraries to the discovery of Portugal in experiences of authenticity. Cycling through breath-taking and genuine natural landscapes, knowing our rich historical and cultural heritage of an old nation, in unforgettable days of leisure.


Portugal is one of the most interesting European destinations for birdwatching.
We offer a wide range of guided birdwatching and photo tours in Portugal, some of them endemic and endangered species and as part of the observation of nature in all these distinctive Mediterranean habitats.

Côa River Lands

It is a region of altitude, in the northeast of Portugal, with a distinctive orographic mosaic in the nuances of its relief, of climatic predominantly Mediterranean climate of hot and dry summers and cold winters. In its landscape there are cultivated plots divided by granite and schist walls, with the presence of olive groves, almond trees and vineyards in the plateau areas or mountain ranges. We are in the presence of the world's largest open-air museum of Paleolithic art, where gorges and nature provide protected habitats to birds of prey, are wonders that we cannot miss.

Cultural Discovery

Touch the past in unforgettable leisure days, with our programs designed and structured for a touristic use of the memory about Portuguese history and culture.
We offer the traveller itineraries to discover Portugal, its culture, its regions, its people and the ancient hospitality of a people with deep feelings and close affections.

Douro Valley

 Quoting the poet Miguel Torga, the writer who most wrote about the Douro and its people, we can see that he said it better than anyone: “The sublimated Doiro. The prodigy of a landscape that ceases to be so in its immensity. It is not a scene that the eyes behold: it is an excess of nature. A virginal universe, as if it had just been born but already eternal by harmony, serenity and silence that not even the river dares to break, either vanishing imperceptible behind the mountains, or astounded in the background reflecting its own wonder. A geological poem. Absolute beauty.”


In Geotourism we sustain and increment the identity of a territory, considering its geology, environment, culture, esthetic values, heritage and the well-being of its residents. In Geoparks UNESCO links between Geodiversity and other dimensions of the territory, such as biodiversity, the Historical, Cultural and Intangible Heritage based on sustainable development

Historical Villages

Its origin in the Middle Ages, the Historical Villages, testify to the past and history of Portugal, the strong perseverance and the identity matrix of the population of the Portuguese border. It is celebrated in real time the geographical and lithological character of its location and the military and religious function found in its architectures and in its rural cultural heritage.


Walking and look for preserved natural locations to convey and make known the natural and cultural heritage most representative, to offer the traveller a sense and a notion of identity with unique sites, in travelling experiences with unforgettable walks.

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