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Portugal (2 days)
Borderer Villages of Beira Baixa
Portugal (7 days)
River Douro by Boat, Bicycle and Train
Portugal (5 days)
Route GeoPark NaturTejo
Portugal (5 days)
Route of Historical Villages
Portugal (12 days)
From Mountain to Coast

Bike Experience

Cycling and Short Bike Tours

We offer trips for small groups in itineraries to discover Portugal and we make its origin, its regions, its people and its ancestral hospitality of a people with deep feelings and close affections known. We will guide you through experiences of authenticity, by immersing in what we call “Portugalidade”, cycling through breath-taking and genuine natural landscapes, knowing our rich historical and cultural heritage of an old nation, in unforgettable days of leisure.


In Geotourism we sustain and increment the identity of a territory, considering its geology, environment, culture, esthetic values, heritage and the well-being of its residents.

In Geoparks UNESCO links between Geodiversity and other dimensions of the territory, such as biodiversity, the Historical, Cultural and Intangible Heritage based on sustainable development.

Heritage and Nature Hiking

We searched for preserved natural locations to convey and make known the natural patrimony most representative, to offer the traveller a sense and a notion of identity with unique sites, in travelling experiences with unforgettable hikes and in areas with strategies of sustainable development based on human and natural values.

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