Spectacular Biking Tour of Geres National Park with guide Nuno Mourinha

Sem Título4In Porto, we were picked up by Nuno who provided us with a full day private tour for two people of Geres National park, north of Porto.  We used mountain bikes by choice and rode over 30 KM, providing stunning views of the park.  This was May so there was a stunning assortment of gorgeous pink and purple and yellow flowers. We encountered cows and goats along the way and stopped to take pictures whenever we wanted.  Nuno let us pick the pace, the sites we wanted to see, and we had plenty of time for photo ops.Sem Título3 An adventurous choice we wanted to do had us hiking our bikes over an amazing but overgrown, waterlogged Roman Road.  What a great little diversion!  Fortunately for me, Nuno did a lot of hiking my bike- what a great guy!  When we were too tired to bike more,  he drove us to see a stunning waterfall and a short tour of what we didn’t get to see on the bike.  Sem Título5After the amazing tour, we had a delicious meal of Portuguese ‘tapas’ from Hotel Baltazar restaurant.  Food included a cod pate, deep fried cod and meat, chourico, a spectacular tomato rice dish, and wine!  We recommend this trip highly.  Nuno put together the tour specifically for us based on what we hoped to see and on the time we had to see it and was an excellent guide.  Make the effort to include this in your trip!Sem Título 2jpg

 Lori P

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