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“Dear Nuno, (the bike guide of the Traveljá)

Thank you very much for the photos and maps of google that show the paths through which we passed through the vineyards of the Alto Douro and environs of the Côa Valley. The beautiful photographs made me relive our way, and I made a point of seeing them to the sound of Madredeus, which I love, increasing even more the emotion and longing for this incredible experience. The land, the culture, the vineyards, the people … Everything went beyond our expectations.

Taking this bike trail, feeling the smell, the climate, admiring the magnificent landscapes and meeting the local people, so connected to the land and the work, made our effort connect us with the spirit of the people who live there, producing extraordinary wines and oil, turning hard labor into wealth.

IMG_7193 We are still absorbing the experience of our pedaling in the Douro.

We deeply appreciate your attention and kindness.

It was great to pedal with you organically, with determination and without stress, just the effort necessary to reach our goal, which in fact happened.

We thank Vitor, who communicated so well with us, to Barbara Amaro, who with her class in the Douro Museum prepared us magnificently to understand what we would see, Cris “Douro” (sensational), and you, the cyclist-engineer, Great guide and companion of pedaled in our journey in the tracks of the Douro.

Congratulations to the Traveljá and its proposal of differentiated tourism, modern, intelligent and, above all, organic …

A big hug

Letícia and Ricardo “